How to Enjoy a Safe and Sober Holiday Season

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How to Enjoy a Safe and Sober Holiday Season

The holidays should be an enjoyable time of year; spending time with family, enjoying delicious foods, and simply having some time to relax are all typical cornerstones of the holiday season. For those recovering from alcoholism, however, the holidays can be downright stressful. Oftentimes, family and work gatherings lead to a great deal of temptation to give in to old habits and have a drink. If you are a recovering addict, it is best to prepare for the upcoming sober holiday season ahead of time so that you can have the strength to stay sober while still having a great time at all of your holiday gatherings. This article will provide you with some tips for having a safe and sober holiday season.

Keeping a Sober Holiday Season While Attending Parties

If you are invited to a holiday party where you know there is going to be drinking, this does not mean that you need to decline the invitation. Instead, see this as an opportunity to prove to yourself just how far you have come in fighting your addiction and dependence on alcohol. Attend the party, but be sure to drive separately so that you can leave if things get to be too stressful or the pressure to drink becomes too much. Aside from driving on your own, consider asking a close friend who will also be in attendance to stay sober with you. Doing so will help you feel a greater sense of willpower and will keep you from feeling as though you are missing out on all the fun while trying to maintain a sober holiday season.

Indulge in Some of Your Favorite Treats

While everybody else is indulging in alcoholic beverages and making fools of themselves, indulge yourself in some of your favorite treats. After all, when you give up alcohol and stay sober, your metabolism naturally boosts itself. As a result, you can afford to snack on a few extra cookies or holiday desserts here and there. Indulging in snacks in addition to conversing with friends and family will help to get your mind off of the presence of alcohol and will help you to have a good time while sober.

Another good way to stay sober during the holiday season is to understand that the holidays in and of themselves are created by our cultures. In reality, any holiday is just another day in the life, so it should not be any more difficult to avoid drinking on a holiday than on any other day, right?

Inpatient Treatment

If the holidays prove to be very stressful for you in terms of staying sober, you may also want to consider seeking inpatient treatment after the holiday season has ended. Think of it as a New Year’s resolution to yourself: getting stronger at saying “no” to alcohol. Inpatient treatment can be an excellent way to get stronger, find inner peace, and discover the strength you have had deep down all along to stay sober.

There are plenty of advantages to choosing inpatient alcohol treatment, such as:

  • The fact that inpatient treatment is statistically more successful than outpatient treatment
  • The ability to completely escape alcohol for a set period of time
  • The opportunity to meet and bond with others who share a similar challenge in life
  • The chance to get involved in developmental programs within the facility

Overall, fighting the urge to drink during the holiday season will take a great deal of willpower and strength. At the end of the day, however, you will feel much better about yourself by having a sober holiday season. Furthermore, you will have made your friends and family proud as well.

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