Helpful Advice for Staying Strong in Sobriety Amid Peer Pressure at Work

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Helpful Advice for Staying Strong in Sobriety Amid Peer Pressure at Work

For people who have struggled with addiction in the past, staying strong in sobriety and not relapsing is often the greatest challenge of all. When this is the case, such individuals who have worked hard to get clean and sober need to put in the extra work and really make a commitment to getting and staying strong in sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Statistics

We have a huge problem with addiction in this country today, and peer pressure in the workplace is really only a small part of it.

Listed below are some data about the real details of this problem, to give the reader some insight as to just how intense and risky this really is:

  • Right now, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is the most concerning health problem in our country because it is the third leading cause of preventable death and because it has absolutely skyrocketed in a very short amount of time.
  • The biggest concern here is that for the last 15 years the problem has steadily grown in severity with no sign or indication of a reduction. Now more than ever this is very worrisome because rarely do such problems grow with such consistency.
  • One of our country’s greatest problems when it comes to addiction and substance abuse is without a doubt prescription drug abuse. This is another thing that parents are quite worried about when it comes to their kids.
  • Prescription drug abuse is one of the hardest addictions to beat for young people because prescription drugs are legal. They are everywhere and they are affordable. They’re actually accepted and recommended in society by doctors and other specialists.
  • Also, more people are addicted to prescription drugs than any other kind of substance out there. This also shows us what a serious issue this is indeed. More young people die from prescription drug abuse than from all other forms of substance abuse combined. This shows us how negative and how dangerous prescription drug abuse really is.
  • About 40,000 people die from drug abuse every year, but about 25,000 of them are from prescription drugs alone. More than half of those deaths are people under the age of thirty! Obviously, prescription drug abuse, overdose, and young people are a deadly mix.

Ways for Staying Strong in Sobriety

There are lots of ways for staying strong in sobriety, which is good as being drug-free is a very admirable and worthy goal for which to strive.

Here are some ideas for staying strong in sobriety:

  • Enter into an aftercare program. There is really no substitute whatsoever for getting help on an outpatient basis from an aftercare program. Such programs really do offer the best support and assistance in helping people to stay sober.
  • Stay away from environments that can be conducive to substance abuse. When people relapse and use and abuse drugs and alcohol, a lot of it is because they fell back into old environments where they used drugs previously.
  • Stay away from people who try to pressure you into using drugs or drinking alcohol.

If you do suffer a relapse, reach out to A Forever Recovery for help.

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