Are There any Jobs for Recovering Addicts to Be Found?

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Are There any Jobs for Recovering Addicts to Be Found?

There is no doubt for anyone at this point that drug and alcohol addiction is slowly but surely becoming a very dangerous and a very concerning problem. Even the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration says that the problem is a full-on epidemic. Drug and alcohol addiction just seems to create problem after problem in this country, all of which do need to be addressed sooner rather than later. One way to keep individuals off of drugs after addiction treatment is with the help of jobs for recovering addicts.

In truth, life after rehab is tough, it’s hard, and just staying clean, sober, and not relapsing is a real and veritable challenge in and of itself. The fact of the matter is that people who have freshly beaten addiction are all of a sudden thrown back into the world with responsibilities and requirements and a need for income and obligations to fill. Freshly cleaned up off of drugs, this truly is a tough time for a lot of people, people who are looking for jobs for recovering addicts.

Jobs for Recovering Addicts

One of the make or break points for someone who is newly recovered will be their ability or lack thereof to get a job and not just any job either. They need to get a good job out of all of the jobs for recovering addicts. Drug addiction is an entirely all-encompassing lifestyle, and those who are freshly recovered need something else in their lives to give them stability and peace of mind, lest they risk genuine heartache and difficulty or worst of all, a relapse.

A drug addict fresh out of rehab needs a job, and an excellent job that motivates excites and impassions them with a desire to do better in life.

Listed below are a few ideas of careers that end up being great choices for people who are in recovery:

  • Addiction Counselor. It doesn’t take much schooling to become a licensed addiction counselor and a degree in this field can do wonders for helping someone to gain the hope, incentive, and the goals driven passion for staying sober and to not relapse.
  • Spiritual Teacher. A lot of people in recovery like to go into a more spiritual line of work, such as being a life coach or a spiritual counselor.
  • Therapists. There are many different types of therapy that a recovering addict could get into. These can not only give a person a chance to help people really, but such approaches also do wonders for effectively helping recovering individuals to stay sober.
  • Physical Health. Physical Health is also a great field for people who want to help others. In this area, recovering addicts can become nutritionists, personal trainers, and health coaches.

These are all great fields for people in recovery to get into.

Per Wickstrom of A Forever Recovery

At the end of the day though, it will come down to a person’s own personal decision to stay clean and to get a good job to support themselves. As Per Wickstrom, A Forever Recovery’s CEO says:

Drug rehabilitation is necessary to reinstate the values of our country. Our mission is to make recovery available to everyone.”

The path through A Forever Recovery helps people beat addiction, and it helps them get a job to actually take all of the necessary steps to creating a lifetime of stability and abstinence from drug and alcohol addiction. Call today for more information on jobs for recovering addicts.

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