How Social Distancing Affects Recovering Addicts

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How Social Distancing Affects Recovering Addicts

We’re dealing with a unique and challenging situation in America today. Everyone is affected by the new social distancing recommendations, and many of us aren’t coping very well. However, as difficult as it is, we each must do our part in helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 so we can return to our normal routines. No matter what your lifestyle, you will suffer a few inconveniences during this time, but the changes aren’t permanent. But, for recovering addicts across the nation, the continued isolation could cause a relapse or life-threatening overdose. So, what are some ways of staying sober during the pandemic?

Protecting Your Sobriety and Staying Sober During the Pandemic

While in rehab, recovering addicts learn to stay busy with interesting and positive activities. Outside of rehab, these activities continue to help a person avoid boredom which can lead to the temptation to use drugs or alcohol for entertainment. However, due to today’s challenging social distancing recommendations, many of the venues they attended to pursue these activities are canceled.

Facing the long days and nights at home alone may lead many recovering individuals to resume using their drug of choice. Without the ability to interact among a group of like-minded people for support and guidance, loneliness or depression can take a toll on a person. Relapse may be just around the corner, but it can be prevented with some creative ways of staying in touch. Yes, staying sober during the pandemic is possible.

With your continued sobriety as a priority for us at A Forever Recovery, we have some suggestions for helping you make the most of technology to maintain the level of support you need at this time.

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Virtual Groups to Stay in Touch and Stay Sober During the Pandemic

We’re fortunate today during the COVID-19 crisis to have the Internet.  It can help us maintain some sense of normalcy in our lives. Many of us are able to keep our jobs by working from home. Also, we can continue socializing from home using our many online gadgets and platforms.

These tools are valuable assets at this time to help us feel connected and less isolated. They can also be used to acquire the much-needed support and guidance a person in recovery must have for avoiding relapse. For instance, here are a few ways a person can find support groups, activities, and entertainment to help them stay focused on recovery.

Support for Individuals and Families:

Music, Arts, and Crafts:

Of course, there are thousands of opportunities online where you can find others who enjoy doing something you enjoy. Take advantage of the world of virtual education and entertainment during today’s lockdowns to keep you in a positive mindset. The important thing is to stay sober during the virus pandemic to come out ahead once the crisis is over.

Learn More About How to Stay Sober During the Pandemic

At A Forever Recovery, we know how difficult recovery from addiction can be. Even during normal times, the process will challenge the most dedicated individuals. Today, however, a person in recovery faces a situation that could jeopardize all their progress toward lasting sobriety. If you would like more information about staying sober during the pandemic, please contact us today. One of our representatives will be available to talk with you at any time. We wish you success in remaining healthy and in recovery during today’s unprecedented situation.


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