Georgette Found Sobriety Thanks to A Forever Recovery

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Georgette Found Sobriety Thanks to A Forever Recovery

Georgette recently completed treatment at A Forever Recovery (AFR). She felt as though this was finally the treatment she had been looking for. She felt like it was finally the position and the job that she needed to create and maintain lasting sobriety and abstinence. A Forever Recovery applies for a Moral Reconation Therapy program, and that was what Georgette clicked with the most. Georgette felt as though Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) helped her to understand where her life went horribly wrong. She felt like the self-inventory part of the MRT program made all the difference in opening her eyes to a new and better life.

Georgette spoke about feeling totally lost when she first arrived at the AFR program. She felt like she no longer knew what to do. She was all out of answers so to speak, and this was something that she was really having a hard time with. She felt like God had blessed her and her two daughters for being able to find the A Forever Recovery facility, a real diamond in the rough to her.

Georgette spoke honestly at her graduation, feeling as though the AFR program and overall approach to addiction treatment were tough at times but worth pushing through to the end of. Overall, she praises the program and all of the staff who deliver it. She said she couldn’t thank all the staff enough for their patience, their kindness, and their time. She feels like she has a new life now, and that she was absolutely blessed to have gotten a second chance thanks to A Forever Recovery.

Starting a New Life in Sobriety

AFR gave Georgette a new chance at sobriety and abstinence from her addiction. Georgette came to rehab totally downtrodden and feeling as though there were no answers and no way out of the morass that was an addiction for her. She felt like her recovery was in question constantly prior to coming to AFR, and she couldn’t stop relapsing left and right.

Coming to the facility and engaging in Moral Reconation Therapy showed Georgette the power of sobriety and abstinence and just how valuable getting clean and staying clean was for her. She spoke a lot about how good it felt to finally have the tools and the knowledge that she needed to create and maintain an effective and a lasting recovery.

How A Forever Recovery Helped Georgette

AFR was able to show Georgette the secrets to a lifetime of sobriety that she had only been able to get a brief glimpse at as a result of going to her other recovery programs. She felt like this approach was finally the right approach, and that getting off of drugs was actually a reality this time. Georgette spoke much about all of the programs and services offered at A Forever Recovery, but no approach did she talk about as much or with as much enthusiasm at the MRT program.

While Georgette always knew that her addiction problem was “bad” and that she “shouldn’t do it,” she never really understood the true severity of her actions and the exact effect that they had until she dove into recovery through the MRT program at A Forever Recovery. It’s not called Moral Reconation Therapy for no reason. This approach to stably and effectively creating a lifetime of freedom was such that she could grasp abstinence. She was finally able to build a concrete foundation for her recovery, and she was able to then build off of that. This was truly valuable for her, and it gave her the peace of mind that she needed to maintain a lifetime of abstinence.

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