How Brandon was Able to Gain Success After Rehab

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How Brandon was Able to Gain Success After Rehab

When Brandon first arrived at A Forever Recovery (AFR), he was pretty distraught about life in general, and he was at a loss for exactly how he was going to get his life together. He had been to rehab before, but he had never really had that much success from it. Going to rehab this time around though actually felt like something good was going to come from it. This is Brandon’s story about how he achieved success after rehab.

Valuable Skills in Rehab Help with Success After Rehab

As Brandon began to get more integrated in the A Forever Recovery approach to addiction treatment, he started to realize just how valuable this recovery method was for him, and he started to get more and more grooved in; he really began to discover how his past had continued to affect him and even how it affected how he acted in present time. Brandon felt as though MRT had definitely helped him to identify some of his false beliefs and how he could go about correcting them.

Brandon, upon going to AFR, was able to learn how to identify relationships that he had damaged and how he could go about correcting those relationships. He identified goals he’d like to achieve so he could have a sense of purpose in life and not feel the need to use and abuse drugs and alcohol for a better overall success after rehab. Overall this was huge for him and made all the difference in his overall ability to effectively hold onto recovery in such a way that it was going to be lasting and permanent.

Brandon’s trouble that he kept running into as a result of attending previous addiction treatment programs was he felt as though he was never really building stability in his recovery. Sure he’d learn a thing or two and maybe get some tools or some good ideas for when he got out of rehab but he never built stability in his recovery. The key that was missing for Brandon that he learned at A Forever Recovery was the MRT approach.

Creating Stability in Recovery

Brandon realized that the reason why he had never been able to stay sober from previous rehabs was that he hadn’t been able to really focus on his goals setting and on giving himself reasons why he should actually give sobriety a concerted effort.

Attending rehab at A Forever Recovery did several things for Brandon’s perspective and outlook on life, but most of all Brandon was able to see:

  • All of the underlying issues and trigger mechanisms that has caused him to chronically relapse in the past.
  • Tools for being able to address those issues right then and there in rehab and in life after rehab too.
  • Goals and life plans and missions and desires of what he wanted out of life so he would have an incentive and a reason to actually create and maintain sobriety.
  • Strategies for how to achieve those goals, and how to use those goals to ward off any possibility of a relapse.

Ultimately, getting clean off of drugs and alcohol was an effort certainly and something that was going to take some work to get done properly. There was no doubt about that. But as a result of attending A Forever Recovery and as a result of learning what he learned from Moral Reconation Therapy, at least success after rehab was possible now. AFR helped Brandon to see truly what he was going to have to do to get clean and to stay clean from his addiction for life, and Brandon was able to solidify a stable foundation in recovery that would last forever. Living life with purpose is so much more rewarding than life without it!

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