How Karry Experienced Freedom From Addiction

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How Karry Experienced Freedom From Addiction

There is no doubt that getting off of drugs and alcohol and finding freedom from addiction definitely take some work. Karry was able to experience this truth first hand. When our Karry first came to A Forever Recovery (AFR), they had little hope that they were going to be able to get free from addiction with any stability or reliability. The problem was that Karry had tried to get rid of addictions many times before and had not been successful in doing so. Sure, Karry would be able to achieve some small level of sobriety that would last for a short time, but Karry only was not able to reach any strength in abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Freedom from Addiction

This is what they were looking for, and this is what they were hoping to achieve, they just could never quite get it. Coming to AFR changed all of that. A Forever Recovery offers a unique and an extraordinary recovery approach that is effective and comparable. When people come to A Forever Recovery, they experience a unique recovery outlet, one of which is very helpful and pleasant to them. Though it may take a lot of work and effort to obtain freedom from addiction, AFR can help people in this category very easily. When Karry received treatment at A Forever Recovery, their experience was so good that she wanted to write to us about it and to write a success story about it. Karry wrote to us, and she spoke about getting freedom from addiction and what exactly that meant and what exactly that entails.

There were a lot of discussions about Karry’s previous addiction treatment and why it didn’t work and how AFR was the only program that genuinely was effective for them and that was able to offer the types of services that they needed to be able to get free and clear from addiction for life. Though beating addiction took some work even at this treatment center, this program was at least active and stabilizing in the services that they offered to people. Karry spoke about the variety of care options that they were able to get at AFR and how those made a huge difference in how Karry was able to obtain freedom from addiction for life. Karry spoke about how when they came to rehab in the first place, they were pretty discouraged and pretty upset about everything. She talked about how A Forever Recovery directly approached rehabilitation very differently than other rehab centers in the past had. It was more care, there was more one on one attention, there was more empathy, and there was more compassion, etc. Karry said that A Forever Recovery was the only reason why she was still sober and alive today.

A Forever Recovery and Sobriety

A Forever Recovery gave Karry the tools that she needed to get a knockoff and handle on their substance abuse to the degree that she could get clean from addiction and stay clean. Karry spoke about how AFR was the first program to be able to deliver a service that was in any way customizable. She talked about going to another rehab programs and how they were never really able to get her clean from those plans because there was only ever one focus involved, such as with the traditional 12 step program. Not that there’s anything wrong with a 12 step program sure, but Karry felt as though the variety of services offered at A Forever Recovery was what made the most significant difference in their ability to get clean and sober from addiction.

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