Dana Broke the Cycle of Addiction with the Right Rehab Program

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Dana Broke the Cycle of Addiction with the Right Rehab Program

A Forever Recovery is a well-established and properly set up addiction treatment center that is able to offer excellent service to those who need addiction treatment. Recently, one client, named Dana G., came through the program and had such a good experience that she chose to write a success story to us about her time with us. She spoke much of their time in addiction and their experiences with substance abuse. She had a lot to say about the different factors of addiction and what it was like to be able to finally go free from those habits with the right rehab program and the help of A Forever Recovery.

Many clients of A Forever Recovery tend to write about their experiences, and they do this because they want to show their appreciation for the right rehab program and for the help that the program was able to give them. They also do it to act as moral support for those who have not yet been able to successfully beat addiction.

Difficulties at Rehab

When Dana first arrived at rehab, things were not looking so great. This was a very difficult experience for her, just arriving at rehab in the first place. As it turned out, getting off of drugs and alcohol was something that she had attempted before, but never had any real success with. Unfortunately, this really was a huge challenge for her and something that she had tried to do before and failed at.

So, as one can imagine, Dana was not too optimistic upon showing up at rehab. There were definitely some doubts and misgivings about treatment, and where exactly they were going to go and how successful they were going to be with treatment. In all honesty, the first few days or even the first week and a half really were pretty tough for Dana. Getting clean from addiction was not something that she had ever been able to achieve for more than a few weeks, so the prospect of trying again was pretty dismal and apathetic. All in all, though, the recovery program at A Forever Recovery ended up clicking very well with Dana and giving her a sense of stability and safety from addiction.

Finding the Right Rehab Program

Dana responded really well to both the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program and the Moral Reconation Therapy programs. These two programs are very popular at A Forever Recovery, and a lot of people tend to experience really good results from them. Though it takes quite a bit of an effort to beat addiction, finding the right rehab program at A Forever Recovery makes it a lot easier and a lot more direct and straightforward. Being able to offer such a wide variety of different recovery services makes it easier for clients to find the right rehab program. Essentially, A Forever Recovery is able to deliver an excellent range of different treatment options for their clients, all of which are very helpful in their own way. Dana was able to benefit a lot by experiencing such a variety of their programs.

Most people want to go to rehab only get to do one approach to a 12 Step Program. This has certainly been the case when Dana had gone to rehab in previous years. This time though, things were different. This time they were able to get a lot of assistance and help from treatment because Dana was able to experience a lot of different programs in the professional environment that A Forever Recovery offers. Dana now has A Forever Recovery to thank for everything and wrote that she will be jumping back into her career and her family once again with renewed vigor and excitement about staying clean and sober for the rest of their lives. Dana finally found the right rehab program to fit her individual needs and preferences.

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