Tim Finds the Key to Addressing Addiction with MRT at A Forever Recovery

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Tim Finds the Key to Addressing Addiction with MRT at A Forever Recovery

There is no doubt that addressing addiction and beating it is a tough thing to do. Tim knew this better than most, having tried already to beat addiction on multiple different occasions. Tim felt like A Forever Recovery was the only approach that was able to show him where his problem areas were, how to focus on correcting those problems, and how to effectively address them with Moral Reconation Therapy or MRT.

Tim felt like MRT really got down to the bottom of the underlying issues that had been causing him to use all along. He felt as though it was addressing these underlying issues for what they were that really helped him to find peace, abstinence, and freedom that was lasting and permanent. Tim was absolutely thrilled and very grateful for this.

Addressing Addiction Through Education in Rehab

Tim also learned many things in rehab which were very beneficial for him indeed. He learned the significance of substance abuse in this country, and what he can do about it, starting with addressing addiction and becoming sober. The most significant things that Tim learned had to do with the effects that his substance abuse had on his family members and loved ones. It was a real eye-opener, in fact, the effects that substance abuse had and has on all family members and loved ones of addicts, and this is what Tim learned so well.

He learned at A Forever Recovery that when we are addressing addiction, one of the things that we often miss is the effect that substance abuse has on the family members and loved ones of those who are addicted. This is a demographic that is affected pretty seriously because of substance abuse. Tim learned that studies show that about 23 million people are hooked on drugs and alcohol in this country alone. But that is not by any means the only people who are affected by it!

Tim had it put in perspective for him and was able to learn that you also have to think about the vast numbers of family members and loved ones who get seriously hurt by having a loved one who is an addict. When you look at it this way (and A Forever Recovery gets their clients to look at it this way), you could extrapolate that every single substance abuser in this country is going to have at least four or five people to whom they are very close. With 23 million addicted at least, you are going to have about 100 million people in this nation who are adversely affected by somebody who is engaging in a substance abuse problem.

Addressing Addiction with A Forever Recovery

It was data like this that really put it into perspective for Tim, and it was this education that really helped him to kick his addiction. He learned that, with the above data and lots of other information that he learned, now we have on our hands a situation where almost 125,000,000 people in this country are seriously hurt and affected by the substance abuse of another person or themselves. This really shows us that more than a third of the entire country’s population is in some way seriously affected by substance abuse. This is very concerning, and it represents a lot of hardship for all of us.

Most addicts do not realize this and most rehabs do not teach it. Things are different with A Forever Recovery. Tim learned a lot by addressing addiction with MRT and that created stability in his recovery.

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