With Professional Help, You Can Beat Substance Abuse and Addiction

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With Professional Help, You Can Beat Substance Abuse and Addiction

Acknowledging that you have a problem with substance abuse can be your first step toward reclaiming your life. With the right treatment, you can beat substance abuse and addiction. Sometimes it takes a loss to make a person realize that they need help for addiction.  It could be the result of losing a job, home, or a relationship.  When something like this happens, you know that you have to beat substance abuse and addiction. You’ll need professional help to salvage your health, reclaim your self-esteem, and mend relationships.

Substance Abuse and Addiction in the United States

Substance abuse and addiction are some of the largest ongoing problems the United States faces. According to the NIDA, in 2013, about 9.4% of the U.S. population over age 12 admitted recent drug use within the past month.  Drug abuse costs our nation approximately $700 billion each year.  The costs include fees associated with drug-related crime, decreased work productivity, and mounting healthcare costs.

Consequences of Substance Abuse

All in all, substance abuse takes a heavy toll on users. From personal and professional relationship problems to legal troubles and associated court fees, the habit destroys lives.  Not only does it affect the quality of life for the addict, but it also affects family and friends lives as well.

Beat Substance Abuse and Addiction with a Professional Drug Rehab

If you are struggling with substance abuse, please reach out to a professional drug rehab facility. Detoxing in a medically managed facility is the safest way to get clean.  You’ll have access to a staff of qualified physicians, nurses, and other medical employees. Drug rehab facilities have all the tools and resources needed to beat substance abuse and addiction.

Benefits of a Drug Rehab Facility

Unlike the cold and sterile environment of a hospital, patients can recover in comfort at a drug rehab recovery center. Patients are allowed to socialize with their peers while undergoing treatment.  They also have their health and progress monitored by a team of doctors and other medical staff.

Patients may bring personal items from home to make their stay at the facility more comfortable and homelike. One-on-one and group therapy sessions help the patient understand the underlying reasons for their addiction.  In group therapy sessions, patients offer encouragement and support to each other. These meetings help each patient realize that they are not alone.  They can see that others have been through the same experiences and problems.

Don’t Delay Seeking Help

If you would like help beating your substance abuse and addiction, please find an inpatient treatment program near you. Deciding to get clean was a crucial step in reclaiming your life.   Now, all you have to do is find a program that can provide the professional help you need.

For a complete listing of drug treatment facilities in your area, call your local health department or your insurance company. Each rehab facility will be structured to achieve the same goal, but you can locate one that will compliment your unique situation and preferences. Take this step, and you will be one step closer to breaking free of the ties that bind you and living dependently once again.

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