Addiction Treatment and Families: Rehab is Healing and Reuniting Loved Ones

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Addiction Treatment and Families: Rehab is Healing and Reuniting Loved Ones

Drug addiction is tearing families and loved ones apart in our country today. Addiction treatment and families is a combination that must be addressed before lasting recovery can be achieved by an addict. By including family counseling with addiction treatment, families are being healed and reunited.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction - An Epidemic in the US

Drug and alcohol addiction is a crisis that has taken this country by storm.  For this reason, addiction treatment and families is a top priority. The addiction epidemic experienced in this country today affects far more people than in the past.  Drug and alcohol addiction is now a problem that affects tens of millions of Americans.  When one does the math, the problem is actually quite terrifying.

Consider the following statistics:

  • Currently, there are twenty-three million Americans who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. That’s about eleven percent of the entire American population of the United States that is over the age of twelve.
  • About one out of every two Americans knows someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Now, that person who knows someone who is addicted might not know that the person is an addict, but the connection is there nonetheless.
  • About one out of every four Americans is related to someone or more closely connected to someone who is an addict.
  • About one out of every six Americans actually has a drug or alcohol addict within their immediate family, as in a brother, sister, father, mother, spouse, son, or daughter.
  • When the addiction crisis is looked at from this perspective, it becomes clear to understand that drug and alcohol addiction is a huge problem and crisis factor for a lot of people, not just for those who actively struggle with addiction, but also for those who are connected to a drug or alcohol user.

Addiction Treatment and Families

It’s important to understand that, while drug or alcohol addicts definitely suffer a lot from a substance abuse problem, how addiction affects families needs to be considered too.  The simple truth of the matter is that drug and alcohol addiction is a very serious problem and crisis factor for American families that can leave permanent and life-changing scars and damage.  With this in mind, it is important that addiction treatment centers also be able to offer services and remedy options for those who actively suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction treatment and families at a rehab center need to go hand in hand.  A drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and recovery program that does not also address the effect that their clients’ addictions had had on their families is missing a big part of the recovery process.

It is actually very simple to include the proper treatment of addiction and families in a recovery program.  Very simple indeed.  One needs to approach this correctly, and in doing so one needs to make sure that the entire family gets help, but this is not difficult to organize.  What it comes down to is getting the entire family together at the rehab center (or over a video conference call if the rehab center is far away from the family, or the family is scattered far apart).  The entire family works with the recovering addict and specialist Family Counselors at the treatment center to effectively address the addiction struggle and really do something about it.

If you are seeking addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one and the family members too, call A Forever Recovery today at our toll-free number.

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