Our Passionate Employees at A Forever Recovery

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Our Passionate Employees at A Forever Recovery

Some of the passionate employees at A Forever Recovery were asked about their reasons for working in the addiction rehabilitation business. Their answers represent the caring and compassionate people that they truly are. These passionate employees sincerely want to see each client succeed in their addiction recovery efforts.

Our Dedicated Staff of Passionate Employees

Some of our passionate employees at A Forever Recovery were asked why they decided to work in the rehabilitation industry. Their answers reflect the dedication of our staff.

Shauna Brown (Director of Aftercare)

I chose a career in the rehab industry mainly because I’ve been there, so I know what the clients are going through, you know when they come to treatment and I know how important it is to live a life that is worth living.

Tamra Hall (Clinical Director)

As far as my career in the rehab industry, it’s not something I specifically chose, it’s something I more or less fell into. I did experience within my own family somebody who had addiction issues in my own family and so there was a passion behind that, but it wasn’t something that really awoke in me until I got in there and started working with people, and when you work with people who have a problem of that severity and really want to be helped, you know, want the help, there’s just so much to offer and so much to be involved with and people want the help, they want to be there, so it makes you want to be a part of that.

Fred Delos Santos (Counselor)

What inspired me to join the rehabilitation industry was a couple of things. In my earlier twenties, I battled with addiction myself. And, in my schooling and my education, I devoted a good portion of that to studying addiction and the effects of it not only on the individual but how it affected the family and then in society. As a way of me giving back to the recovery community, I chose to immerse myself in this field.

Renee Lindsay (Counselor)

I chose this career, I was a domestic violence counselor years ago and I saw substance abuse just ripping the families apart. The negative impact of women and children. I further worked on the court systems as a therapist and saw the negative impact on families and I just became passionate in this field.

Lisa Lee (Deputy Executive Director)

I chose a career in the rehabilitation industry because I have a passion to help individuals that are struggling with addiction. I grew up with parents who were both drug addicts so, you know, I have a personal experience of going through childhood with parents that put drugs in front of their children. I want to help young mothers learn to put themselves first and their children first and overcome their addiction.