A Forever Recovery: Chris – Case Manager

A Forever Recovery is a residential addiction recovery facility located on beautiful St. Mary’s Lake in the United States. With our unique approach to rehabilitation from substance abuse, our clients find a strong foundation and a sense of personal responsibility in their individual recovery program. Many of our counselors and staff members are former alcoholics and drug addicts themselves. Having been through the process of recovery from their own issues concerning substance abuse, they are able to relate to the client on a personal level that is rarely found in typical rehabilitation treatment centers.

Chris is one such staff member. He is a Case Manager, Counselor and Personal Inventory Facilitator. “I chose to make some bad decisions as a teenager,” he says, “and I had a drug addiction from the age of 19 until I was 30 years old.” Like many of our clients, life choices and personal traumas in his younger years led him down a path of substance abuse and addiction to drugs and alcohol. His individual history is an advantage in both his ability to connect with the clients on an intimate level and in his guidance in taking Personal Inventory.

In Personal Inventory, our clients take a look at their own past in an effort to discover those things that may have helped pave the path to their drug or alcohol abuse. “When the patients here come into the program, we have what’s called a Blue Book,” says Chris, “and it’s a personal inventory, and there are issues which may or may not have contributed to their alcohol or drug addiction.” The client uses this book to aid in an intensive investigation into their childhood, adolescence and young adult years to attempt to uncover the underlying factors of their alcoholism or drug abuse.

Chris also shares with us a little about his journey from being an addict to becoming a functioning and contributing member of society. After overcoming his own personal substance abuse issues, he has been using his past and experience to help others in their battles with alcohol and drug addiction. “The most rewarding thing for me,” he says, “is using my past to help other people. I’m the type of person that wants to save everybody, to help everybody.” Chris is a perfect example of the philosophy held by all the staff members at A Forever Recovery.

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