A Forever Recovery Donates to Gleaners Food Bank

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A Forever Recovery Donates to Gleaners Food Bank


In order to make this year a hunger-free holiday for individuals and families in Detroit and the surrounding area, Per Wickstrom made a $15,000 donation on behalf of A Forever Recovery. The donation was matched by Walt Young, a board member at Gleaners Food Bank in response to the Double Your Donation Day promotion. This brought the total donation to $30,000, enough to fill an entire truck to provide meals to underprivileged individuals.

A Forever Recovery Donates Because They Understand the Needs

When asked why the donation was made, Per Wickstrom responded by saying that in the rehabilitation business of helping drug addicts and alcoholics, we recognize the need for helping. Kids are going to bed hungry, so it is always time to donate and do something about that. During his visit to the Gleaners Community Food Bank, Wickstrom was given a tour and learned about a program where kids assemble snack bags that go to underprivileged students at the surrounding schools, called The Kids Helping Kids Program.

The Goal of Double Donation Day

A Forever Recovery Donates to Gleaners Food Bank
A Forever Recovery Donates $15,000 to Gleaners Food Bank

During Double Donation Day, Gleaners is matching all donations. This means that while $1 donated feeds 3 people, now 6 people will get fed off that donation. The goal of the event was to make this year a hunger-free holiday by filling 20 trucks that each contained 15,000 meals for the holiday season. Everyone was encouraged to call and have their donation to help feed the kids doubled.

About Gleaners Community Food Bank

The mission of Gleaners Community Food Bank is to fight hunger in southeastern Michigan. To best provide food to those in need, Gleaners purchases food in high volumes as well as pairs with grocers and retailers, government sources, statewide food banks, food manufacturers, local food drives, community gardens and farms, and other donors that share the same mission.

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