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At A Forever Recovery, we know that treating addiction and substance abuse is only one part of a much larger picture. Strengthening the community and educating today’s youth about the dangers of drugs and alcohol is at the forefront of the struggle with drug abuse and alcoholism today. It is for this reason that A Forever Recovery’s, Per Wickstrom, has teamed up with Monroe County resident Sean Jordan and Detroit native Herman Moore to host Sean’s “All-Sports Speed and Conditioning Camp”.

A Forever Recovery Teams Up with Sean Jordan and Herman Moore, Retired Pro-Football Players

Sean Jordan set records in football at West Point before serving his country in Korea and at Ft. Hood. After his discharge from military service, he played football professionally for Dallas, as well as other teams around the world. Herman Moore, who played with the Detroit Lions from 1991 to 2001, also appeared in four Pro Bowls and set records in receiving. These guys take their sports seriously.

They also take their community seriously. Monroe County is located just outside of the Detroit Metropolitan area, and recently has experienced a dramatic increase in drug use, particularly heroin use. As a resident of the area, Mr. Jordan finds this fact to be quite distressing, to say the least. He brought his speed camp to students of Monroe High School at The Arthur Lesow Community Center. He hopes to give these kids a healthy and positive outlet, showing them that there are other, better things than drugs and alcohol. He also wishes to educate the kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Educating Our Youth About the Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol

Anthony Hoskins, the Executive Director of the ALCC, took a few moments to sit and talk with us about their goals. “We’re just trying to give kids in the community experience that they would not have,” he tells us, “and let them see that there is more to the world than just the four or five blocks that they live in.” It is through people like Mr. Hoskins, Mr. Wickstrom, Mr. Jordan and Mr. Moore that we hope to be able to keep drugs and alcohol out of the hands of the youth of today.

We at A Forever Recovery believe that, by rebuilding and strengthening the community and educating the kids about the true dangers of drugs and alcohol, we can look forward to a future where substance abuse and addiction to drugs and alcohol won’t be such a terrible and prolific problem as we see today.

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