Michigan Heroin Rehab

Heroin addiction devastates people and families. Rates of heroin addiction are rising across the US, and the rates of deaths and complications resulting from the use of heroin are correspondingly rising. The best way to beat a heroin addiction in Michigan is to enroll in a Michigan heroin rehab inpatient program. These programs provide a safe space to overcome the cravings for the substance as well as to go through withdrawal with the lowest possible risk of negative outcomes.

Heroin as a Substance

heroin rehabHeroin is an opioid, placing it in the same class as morphine and similar painkillers. Opioids do have legitimate medical uses, but because of their strength and potential for abuse they are controlled substances all over the world. The biggest suppliers of heroin are Afghanistan and Mexico. The drug comes from the opium plant poppy. In effect, it causes a rush of euphoria, followed by intense drowsiness. After the first use, consumers of heroin build tolerance for the drug and require higher doses to experience the same effects. It is also addictive, and users can develop a chemical dependence on the drug. Because heroin is a controlled substance, purchasing it requires going through black market suppliers in Michigan. The lack of regulation and oversight in heroin markets means that the drug often contains adulterants.

Heroin’s Effects on Your Life

An addiction to heroin is disruptive for a number of different reasons. First of all, like any other drug, heroin places a strain on social relationships. Users of heroin can push away friends and family if their desire for the drug takes precedence over those ties. This is particularly the case when those friends and family members try to intervene and help the user shake off the addiction. If these efforts fail, then the helpers can become disillusioned and cut ties. The pursuit and use of heroin can make it difficult to hold down a job. Losing a job makes it even more difficult for an addict to obtain a steady supply of heroin because they will no longer have a regular income.

The primary risk from prolonged use of heroin is overdose. Because heroin is an opiate that can induce drowsiness and even unconsciousness, there is a risk of death from a sufficiently large dose. Death occurs because the user falls into an unconscious state where the brain and body become unable to properly regulate the function of the heart and lungs. Prolonged use also increases the user’s risk of pulmonary embolism. Aside from these basic health risks from using heroin specifically, there are also risks from taking drugs intravenously, which is the most common way to consume heroin. Incorrect use of a syringe can lead to death from an air bubble. Sharing needles leads to exposure to a variety of problematic diseases.

Heroin Rehab:  The Most Effective Way to Recover in Michigan

The array of elevated health and economic risks facing a heroin addict are concerning, but the physical dependence on the drug means that quitting is quite difficult. Moreover, quitting heroin can have health consequences of its own, because that same chemical dependence means heroin withdrawal can result in severe discomfort and even death in extreme cases. All of this adds up to mean that trying to quit heroin alone is very hard and involves taking on risk. This is especially true without a support network.

On the other hand, enrolling in an inpatient Michigan heroin rehab program is a much more effective way to beat the addiction. Such a program can provide a supportive environment that is free of the presence of heroin, thus removing the temptation to use. The trained staff on hand is also capable of helping users through the difficult period of withdrawal. Classes and support groups help users remove their mental attachment to the drug. Michigan heroin rehab centers are a shelter from the stresses of the outside world and act as a place to recuperate and recover.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to heroin, then don’t wait: take action as soon as possible to enroll in a Michigan heroin rehabilitation center. Acting soon could save yourself or someone else from pain, suffering, poverty, and even death.