Philadelphia Heroin Rehab

Heroin addiction is a serious problem. Any drug addiction can be destructive and damaging, but heroin is particularly insidious. It is highly addictive, the withdrawal is dangerous, and the risk of death from overdose and other complications is a significant threat to the well-being of people with addictions. If you live in Philadelphia and have a problematic relationship with heroin or know someone who does, then there is help available in the form of Philadelphia heroin rehab centers that can guide you towards a more stable life.

Heroin’s Social Dangers in Philadelphia

There are many ways that heroin threatens the lives of people who are addicted to it. First of all, like other addictive drugs, it causes social disruptions. A person with an addiction risks losing their job and pushing away their friends and family. A focus on the substance causes people to lose their priority on other things in their lives. Holding a job is difficult with an addiction. It becomes hard to keep up with your hygiene and carry out other basic tasks. Furthermore, loss of a job can lead to further deterioration because it becomes harder to find money to pay for a heroin habit. This is a downward spiral that is difficult to escape.

The loss of a support network makes it even harder. A person with an addiction has a tendency to push away people to who to help in a self-destructive cycle. They might reject help, accept help but fail to follow through on promises to stop consuming heroin, or, in the worst case scenario, steal from people to fund heroin. Losing support means you need to go it alone.

The Health Consequences

Heroin Rehabilitation

One of the main risks of heroin addiction is overdose. Heroin is notorious for causing lethal overdoses. Users build up a tolerance over time and require more and more heroin to achieve the same effects. Taking in too much of the drug causes users to fall unconscious or even die, if the dose is large enough, because the heroin-induced nap is a state where the body and brain neglect important functions like breathing and regulating blood pressure.
Furthermore, the illicit nature of the drug means that it is often adulterated with other, cheaper substances to reduce the cost to the dealer. Those impurities can be dangerous on their own, and they also make it difficult to judge doses. These additives do not frequently lead to death on their own, but they can degrade the health of addicts and increase their risk for overdose.

Prolonged heroin use can also lead to an increased risk of pulmonary embolisms, and drug intake using needles has its own set of risks. Many diseases spread easily via shared needles. The most damaging of these is HIV. Needle exchange programs can mitigate this risk, but they are not widely available in the US. Other side effects from using intravenous drugs like heroin are collapsed veins and track marks.

Heroin Rehab in Philadelphia

The best way to escape the problems of heroin addiction and the resulting risks is to enter a Philadelphia heroin rehabilitation facility or program. These can be inpatient or outpatient, and they provide a supportive, nurturing environment for shaking off a heroin addiction. There are many benefits to going to rehab. For one thing, it is less reliant on having friends and family around. Unfortunately, people with addictions do not always have healthy support networks to help them overcome their problem. A rehab program can provide an external source of support.

On top of that, reducing intake of heroin after you have built up a tolerance can be quite dangerous. Heroin withdrawal is a multi-symptom experience that causes temporary discomfort as well as the potential for a fatal reaction, depending on the user’s tolerance, health, and usage history. A rehab facility provides a safe environment to experience this process, which means Philadelphia heroin rehab is a much better place to go through withdrawal than doing it alone on the streets.

If you or someone you know is dealing with heroin addiction, don’t wait for help. Start working on a plan to get into a Philadelphia rehab program as soon as possible. That can be a potentially life-saving decision. The longer a user stays on heroin, the greater the chance that they will experience adverse effects, including death.