Phoenix Heroin Rehab

The process of heroin rehabilitation can last for months, or, depending on the level of addiction, it could take a few years to make it through the process entirely.  This is because heroin is one of the most addicting drugs known to man and it poses the most problems whenever a person becomes addicted to the drug. Heroin rehabilitation is often mandatory if a person wants to fully recover from their heroin addiction because it helps change things in his or her life that have been contributing factors in their addiction.

The Process of Rehabilitation in Phoenix

The process of drug rehabilitation is separated into four very distinct parts:

•    Detox
•    Therapy
•    Counseling
•    Aftercare

Detox is vital for a recovering heroin addict because it allows the individual to be physically cleansed of their addiction.  They then have an open mind to recovery and will be able to go through the rest of treatment without being in a haze because of the heroin.  Detox from heroin can last from as little as a week to as long as a month. It just depends on how much heroin is in the system and for how long the addict has been using heroin.  If the amount is very high although the user hasn’t used that long, it will still take longer to detox. Once the detoxification process has been completed, the client can start receiving their therapy and counseling.

Phoenix Heroin RehabTwo of the most important parts in rehabilitation is group therapy and individual counseling which help the clients express their feelings and get to the root of their problem. During one-on-one counseling with one’s designated counselor, the person can discuss personal things and feelings that they may not want to discuss in group therapy. During this time, the client can discuss things that may have happened in their past which contributed to their addiction. The counselor in Phoenix helps the client discover hidden issues that they may not have even thought of as contributing to their addiction.  The recovering heroin addict undergoes daily group therapy sessions that allow them to talk about their struggles and experiences with a group of other recovering addicts. Group therapy benefits all members of the group because they can offer support and encouragement to each other as they go through treatment together. It also helps each member share their experiences from drug addiction. This helps them to realize they are not alone in their commitment to recovery.   Both programs are present throughout the treatment process, and both are also vital for a full recovery from heroin addiction.

Aftercare Support

After the core treatment phase, clients can utilize aftercare support as part of their treatment in Phoenix Heroine Rehab. Aftercare support helps clients to recognize possible triggers after leaving rehab and learn how to avoid relapse. This type of assistance can include a 24/7 hotline the recovered addict can call if they are struggling or weekly meetings to ensure a lasting recovery. Aftercare is highly recommended as a way to remain sober after graduating the addiction treatment program. Many clients choose to enter a sober living house (halfway house) when immediately leaving the treatment facility.  This gives them a little time to transition back to their homes, jobs, and other responsibilities. If they do not completely trust themselves to stay away from heroin, and feel they are still just a little weak, a sober living house is recommended. Here, they can work jobs and live with other individuals who are in recovery from drugs or alcohol.  A counselor is at the home who will give drug tests and see that every resident of the home remains drug and alcohol-free.  If at any time, the individual needs someone to talk to during a rough patch, the counselor is available.

If you struggle with heroin addiction in Phoenix, let this be the day you take the first step toward healing by entering a professional and effective treatment program at A Forever Recovery.