Ohio Prescription Drug Rehab


Prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic today. Addicts to prescription pain pills take more medication than is allowed by the instructions. They like the effect of the drug on their mood or mental state, so they may convince a doctor to prescribe the medication for a longer period than it is needed. If they become addicted, they may resort to “doctor shopping.” They go to more than one doctor for prescriptions. The addict will do this to get larger amounts of medications to get high. Or they may go to the streets to find a drug seller who will provide them with a number of prescription drugs they need to feed their addiction. Once a person has begun to seek illegal drugs, it is time to get professional help through an Ohio prescription drug rehab program.

4 Categories of Abused Prescription Pills

Opiate pain medication is the drug of choice for many prescription drug abusers. These medications usually are taken to mask the pain when a person is healing from an injury or surgery. These drugs can cause mood changes, highs, and if taken in ways other than prescribed by a doctor, can become addictive. Because of the often unmanageable withdrawal symptoms experienced when these drugs are withheld, it is highly unlikely that the individual can remain abstinent without help from the experts in an Ohio prescription drug rehab.

Central nervous system medications treat sleep problems and nervous disorders such as anxiety. They are depressants and cause a person to feel relaxed or sleepy. The more these medications are taken, the more a tolerance builds up. More medication is needed to produce the same effect.

Stimulants such as amphetamines are sometimes prescribed for those who have ADD and ADHD. Others use these medications to prevent narcolepsy. They make a person feel very alert and high.

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

Do you have an addiction to a medication you are taking? Here are some signs you may be abusing your medications if you…

  • call your doctor for refills of your prescription too often.
  • alter or forge a prescription.
  • feel like you need more medication than the doctor prescribes.
  • steal medication from friends or family.
  • steal or do other illegal activities to pay for drugs purchased illegally.
  • experience withdrawal symptoms when you quit taking the pills.
  • purchase medication illegally without a prescription.
  • combine your drugs with certain other medications, illegal drugs,  or alcohol to get high.

If you are doing some of the above, please seek professional help right away.  Addictions can lead to complete devastation in your life from loss of friends, family, employment, home, and even loss of your life.

Rehab for Drug Addiction in Ohio

If you feel that you are developing a drug dependency problem, contact professional Ohio prescription drug rehab right away. Trying to withdraw from prescription medications is a very difficult challenge which is much more successful when you have a good support system. Your body is dependent upon the drugs. You will be ill or have panic attacks when you withdraw. Seeking the right rehab will significantly increase your chances of getting and staying clean and sober.

Components to Look for in a Great Rehab in Ohio

PainkillersYou may have acute withdrawal symptoms when you quit taking the medication you have been abusing. Medical staff and healthcare providers can give you the physical support you need to get the drugs out of your system safely. They can monitor your physical health while you get sober.

Drug addiction takes a significant toll on the body and mind. One recovery tool that helps people recover may surprise you. Exercise is one great component to getting sober and staying sober. Exercise causes natural endorphins to be released. Doing physical activity for at least 30 minutes five times a day will provide you with a natural endorphin release that may provide you with a high that is healthier than prescription pain medications.

Cognitive therapy is used in many rehab settings to give you a support system and to help you work through the issues that brought you to abuse drugs in the first place. Choose a rehab in Ohio that is supportive but no-nonsense. Group therapy provided in rehabs is the basis for the moral and emotional support you’ll need to stay clean.

You need healthy food to build your body back up when in recovery. Choose a rehab that will provide advice and support for healthy living through healthy nutrition.

Ask for Help

The first step is the beginning of any journey. Your journey to sobriety starts by contacting a helpful Ohio prescription drug rehab for advice. Ask for help. The concerned, trained staff is there to help you. Start your journey to a sober, fulfilling life today.