Music Therapy

The United States has experienced a gripping increase in drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in this country, a problem of which has grown exponentially year after year. The problem has become so bad that it has required a veritable rush of different treatment techniques like Music Therapy to address it adequately.

music therapySince the turn of the century, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction have grown more and more dangerous and challenging, eventually growing to be a problem of epidemic-level proportions. This is why the last twenty years has seen the inception of art based therapies to address it. Substance abuse is without a doubt a complicated and upsetting issue, and it is without a doubt a cruel problem that needs to be effectively tackled as soon as is possible, and inpatient treatment methods are the best way to go about it. Using a multitude of different treatment approaches including things like Music and Art Expressions Therapy can give struggling addicts the tools they need to get clean and free from addiction finally.

Addressing the Addiction Problem with Creative Methods

The best way to effectively take care of a problem as serious as this one is with the help of a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, especially one that uses expressive therapy methods. At such a treatment center, several different methods of treatment will be used to focus on and address a recovering addict’s drug problem to help them create and maintain lasting and permanent sobriety;  Music Therapy is one of which is very effective.

Since the turn of the century, these different types of approaches to addiction treatment have increased immensely, which is good too because older methods are not as workable as they once were. Now, there are simply more ways of addressing a drug and alcohol addiction problem than perhaps ever before, and the approaches that have risen to be the most effective are those that use some form or expression to arrive at a breakthrough.

Music Therapy is ideal for this because it gives recovering addicts a way to express themselves and find peace and stability in recovery that they might not have been able to arrive at before. This is to say that, because substance abuse has grown so much as a crisis issue, treatment centers have had to act and move fast to innovate different methodologies for effectively taking care of the problem permanently. One such method of treatment that is now being used to address drug and alcohol addiction has been that of Music Therapy, and it’s doing a great job at this too.

Music Therapy: An Expressive Arts Therapy

Music therapy has been around for a long time and has been in use for other problems and difficulties that people have that are entirely unrelated to drug and alcohol addiction. Music Therapy was first invented decades ago to help trauma patients and individuals with PTSD and severe illnesses and diseases. In fact, music therapy has been in use since the early twentieth century all across the planet to address all kinds of interpersonal problems that have nothing to do with trauma such as postpartum depression, anxiety, mental disorders,  difficulties from the past, difficulties in the present, etc. Mostly the therapy can be used to help any person with any mental or behavioral problem, but this approach works especially well with recovering addicts.

Music therapy is an expressive arts therapy, meaning that participants get something out of it simply by the fact of taking part in it and engaging themselves in it. The focus and the intention behind music therapy are to provide addiction recovery and addiction treatment through music. The idea is that engaging the recovering addict in music therapy will improve and maintain the physical, psychological, social, personal, and spiritual well-being of the person.  

Music therapy involves a lot of different factors, including listening to music, playing musical instruments, singing, and working on music with a group of people or with a certified therapist or both. Music therapy can be used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, correctional facilities, nursing homes, and hospices. It is straightforward to think of this treatment method as something that people can do to work through whatever problems that they might be suffering from that are pushing them to continue abusing drugs and alcohol.

Music therapy has many uses and benefits. To learn more about music therapy and how it can help you or a loved one, call A Forever Recovery today at our toll-free number. A Forever Recovery offers music therapy and includes it as one of many different treatment approaches in its multi-modality recovery approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment.