Nutrition Group Therapy

In this day and age, drug and alcohol addiction has sadly taken off as a serious and concerning problem in this country, one of which needs to be addressed and focused on sooner rather than later. Drug and alcohol addiction is becoming a hazardous health issue among other things.

What is truly scary and concerning about drug and alcohol addiction is that this is without a doubt one of the fastest growing problems in this country when it comes to issues that are a threat to the health and vitality of the American people, which is why people getting treatment need to engage in Nutrition Group Therapy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drug and alcohol addiction is the fastest growing problem in the nation for young adults and grown adults alike.

One does not have to look far to see the damages that drugs and alcohol cause to the minds and bodies of those who partake in them. In fact, the drugs abused today are a lot more dangerous than those abused two decades ago, and the need for Nutrition Therapy and other forms of addiction treatment has never been higher.

Statistics on the Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the US

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, people abuse drugs now more than they ever did before in recorded history. Studies show that about fifteen percent of the adult population is addicted to drugs and alcohol in the country, creating with it some of the most challenging substance abuse problems ever experienced. Also according to this same organization, the most significant problem with drug addiction has been with prescription drugs, not with illegal drugs.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol causes more addictions than all drugs combined. Roughly ten million Americans are addicted to alcohol, eight million are addicted to alcohol and drugs, and six million are addicted to just drugs. Also, alcohol kills more Americans in this country than all drug substances combined, making this substance very deadly indeed. In fact, alcohol is the most dangerous substance for abuse in this country, statistically speaking.

According to the Trust for American Health, when it comes to drugs, Americans have more to fear from prescription drugs than they do from illegal narcotics. This is a sad truth, but it is a truth nonetheless. The fact of the matter is that illicit drugs are quite dangerous, and such substances cause some very concerning issues for all involved. The way this breaks down is that drug and alcohol addiction continues to grow as a problem and to make problems for people who take part, but prescription drugs hurt people even more. These drugs are easy to get, are legal, and kill more people than all other types of drugs combined.

Nutrition Group Therapy in Rehab as a Solution

The best way to tackle an addiction to either drugs or alcohol is with the help of a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that includes a healthy and nutritious approach to life as a part of its program. These programs that use methods like Nutrition Group Therapy possess the necessary tools and treatment methods to help people vanquish an addiction problem.

One can see from the above statistics that drug and alcohol abuse is as much of a health problem as it is a socioeconomic problem. Nutrition group therapy is an increasingly popular type of addiction recovery and is a method of addressing drug and alcohol addiction that is often used in drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. This approach is beneficial and should be put to use in every treatment center if possible.

Healthy Living Promotes More Healthy Living

The idea and the focus of nutrition therapy are a treatment that focuses on helping people by reconnecting them with nutrition as a healthy way of living life. The theory is that healthy living begets more healthy lifestyles and that when a person is living a healthy way of life, they will not want to engage in activities or habits that are unhealthy or in any way unpleasant. For example, a person who eats healthy and exercises regularly is scientifically less likely to abuse substances than an individual who has unhealthy habits.

At A Forever Recovery, diet and nutrition therapies come as part of the program and are used in this treatment center to help teach people how to live a healthier and a happier life that is free of drug and alcohol addiction. With nutritional group therapy processes, it becomes possible to accomplish this. Call today at our toll-free number for more information.