Substance abuse, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction have all steadily risen to be quite concerning issues in this nation. All of these could create an even bigger crisis further down the road if the right efforts are not taken to address these three problems effectively.

Today, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are without a doubt the worst that it has ever been. The sad truth is that drug and alcohol addiction just seems to get worse and worse progressively every year, and the period of greatest growth has easily been within just the last decade. Because the problem has gotten so bad, the need for effective treatment solutions such as self-awareness therapy has also increased.

A Perspective on Todays Substance Abuse Problems

There are currently no less than twenty-three million Americans in this country who are in some way addicted to drugs and alcohol. That is roughly twelve percent of the entire United States population over the age of twelve.

Statistically speaking, about eighty thousand to one hundred and twenty thousand Americans die from drug and alcohol abuse every year, making substance abuse the third leading cause of death in the United States, third only to obesity and smoking respectively.

People are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol at an astonishingly fast pace, faster than they can beat their addictions. Sadly, about four hundred thousand people become addicted to drugs and alcohol each year, and only about two hundred thousand beat their addictions annually with the help of rehabilitation centers and programs.

Young adults are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol more than ever before. This is a result of several different factors, but the fact remains that people are trying drugs and alcohol and becoming addicted at younger and younger ages. In the 1990s, the average age of first use and abuse of drugs was 23.

Now, however, that number has dropped to as low as 16. This is grave news for young adults in this country indeed. As we can see from the above facts and statistics, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction have become a grim and concerning problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Rehabilitation to the Rescue with Self-Awareness Therapy

The best way by far to treat an addiction to drugs and alcohol is with the help of a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, especially one that uses multiple approaches such as self-awareness therapy. Self-awareness therapy is an approach that teaches recovering addicts to ground themselves in recovery and only make positive, pro-recovery decisions.

Not just any addiction treatment center will do though. More specifically, it is needed that one goes to an inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment center as these programs by far offer the best solutions for addressing such an addiction. With the help of such a program, people can find their passion and their calling for creating lasting and permanent freedom from an addiction crisis.

Inpatient treatment centers offer the best solutions for struggling addicts that include self-awareness therapy and other new age recovery tools like it. It is these programs that can give people a level of freedom that is lasting and permanent, usually because they offer so many different types of solutions. Such programs can provide a multitude of various services, self-awareness therapy being only one of many.

Self-Awareness Therapy

Self-awareness is a helpful tool in creating a lasting and permanent sense of stability and freedom from addiction. Addiction recovery and addiction treatment are all about helping the addict to find the tools and the strategies necessary for staying away from addiction for life, and it is with these tools that people can create a lasting and permanent recovery that is workable and efficient.

Self-awareness, as a recovery method, is defined as those actions taken to help a recovering addict see and understand their personality, strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations, emotions, morals, perspectives, goals, and all of the ideas one needs to understand life in general better.

Self-awareness is a simple yet engaging recovery method that primarily assists people in working to arrive at definite conclusions about themselves. The whole goal and idea of self-awareness therapy are that the recovering addict will learn more about themselves and, as a result of that learning, will be better able to build stability in their lives and say no to addiction and substance abuse in the future.

Beating an addiction to drugs and alcohol is by no means an easy task. In fact, it is a challenging prospect, yet an entirely doable one. With the help of the right treatment approach though, anyone who is addicted to anything can overcome the habit and find recovery, sobriety, and total freedom from drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and good. Contact A Forever Recovery today for more information at our toll-free number. We can help!