Graduations at A Forever Recovery

Every Friday is a day of great excitement and pride within the walls of A Forever Recovery. This is because it is graduation day for all of those who have completed their treatment programs here. All of the patients, as well as the entire staff, gather in the Commons room each Friday afternoon to honor these graduates who have worked so hard to overcome their problems with addiction.

Each and every patient at A Forever Recovery has struggled with addiction of one type or another, many for years. Through celebrating each Friday with the graduates, other patients gain valuable knowledge from those who have gone through the program and are now leaving with a new outlook on life and much healthier bodies, physically and emotionally.

Sharing Stories and Giving Thanks to Those Who Helped

You can feel the excitement and pride in the air as each graduate walks to receive their graduation certificate. Each graduate is asked if they would like to speak to the audience about their experience with addiction and successfully completing their program at our substance abuse facility.

Each graduate happily walks to the podium, and with a mixture of laughter, tears and thankfulness in their hearts speak to those attending the program. They always offer thanks to the staff members, and some mention specific individuals who were especially helpful to them in one way or another. Some speak to their parents who may be in the audience and thank them for standing by them through this entire process and believing in them. Each graduate usually has some advice for those who are working through their recovery programs now. They tell them to listen to their counselors because they know what they are talking about even if you don’t believe that at first.

On the Way to a New Life with Pride and Enthusiasm

Whatever advice and thanks the graduates give, you can see the pride and happiness on their faces in their smiles and tears. They are truly thankful to all of those associated with A Forever Recovery for helping them become the people they are today as they proudly and enthusiastically leave to start their new lives.

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