A Forever Recovery Supports Word of Life Church’s Candy Mountain Project

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A Forever Recovery Supports Word of Life Church’s Candy Mountain Project

On Halloween, A Forever Recovery supports Word of Life Church’s Candy Mountain Project. Approximately 3,000 kids got to experience what most can only dream of – selecting treats from a 2,000-pound mountain of candy at what was appropriately called Candy Mountain.

The Candy Mountain project is part of CAUSE, which stands for Community Adults Urging Student Excellence, and it offered a safe trick or treating environment for kids from all around at the Word of Life Church in Flint, United States.

“Candy Mountain is about having a haven, a place of safety, security, and fun for parents and their children to come to,” said Pastor George Wilkinson, with Word of Life Church.

“This event is an outpouring of an umbrella agency, CAUSE, and that’s community adults urging student excellence. (That) Is about is the community being very involved in driving excellence and education in three areas: academics, arts, and athletics. A portion of the proceeds from this event will go back to 501c3 non-profit companies that are focused on educational excellence.”

The event was made possible by a lot of volunteers, as well as sponsors from both corporate and non-profit companies, including A Forever Recovery.

This is just one of many events that Wilkinson and his church plan on having to encourage education and safety in their community, and they were more than thankful for the support from AFR.

“We’ll have a youth summit, all kinds of different activities,” he said. “This is just one that’s focused on elementary school youth. We’ll have others that involve college youth where we are talking about more challenging issues.”

“With that being the case, where there are the scenario and situation associated with drugs and addictions, A Forever Recovery will benefit from what we’re doing here because we’ll be able to educate the youth and share with them some things that we receive from AFR’s facility to pour back into them.”

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